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sixteen years of buzzing in my ears and black and white sight - sixteen years of teenage train wrecks, walking car crashes, falling sweets, and silver linings in pillow cases.
Harley Quinn #005 

Jacket and tie! … You’re going to dress up and give a toast about what you’re thankful for. 


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I kind of love the idea of Steve being bi. Like, when he was younger, he’d see a guy and think he was good looking, but he’d just stamp that down or chalk it up to being an artist and finding beauty in everything. Then he meets Peggy and he really likes her so he thinks of himself as “fixed”.

When he wakes up in our time he stumbles into learning about the different kinds of genders and sexual orientations and it just hits him like “Oh. I guess that explains it.” And after New York when things settle in to something like a routine and he actually has a chance to look around and Natasha starts on her mission to set him up, he starts to really accept and become okay with being attracted to men and women.

One day when they’re heading out on a mission, Natasha brings up another woman from SHIELD and Steve just goes “What about that guy who works in reception?” and he says it casually, but he’s really sort of nervous because she’s the first person he’s told. Natasha just pauses for a beat and looks at him before shaking her head “Kevin? No, he’s got a terrible hair cut. You can do better.” And after that she starts including guys in the people she suggests to him.

idk I just like that headcannon


Please don’t underestimate how petty I can be. I will like things just to spite you.

Natasha from Ironman 2 and Clint from Thor ^^


do u ever get a sharp stabbing pain somewhere on ur body and wonder who the hell made a voodoo doll of u this time bc its getting old and im tired of dealing iwth it  god F;uckign damn it

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